Hem Assignments


In Jämtland there is a saying “You are like a potatoe, good for everything!” (Swedish: “Du är som peran – bra till allt”). This is something I have heard ever since I moved here, and I actually think there might be a truth in that! I have been building hiking trails, worked  in tourism, helped out in reindeer husbandry and built websites. My motto is that I can learn everything I am interested at, and I am good in things that I think is fun!

  • Are your building your business and need a new website?
  • You have a website, but you need a modernisation?
  • You have a business, but you spent to much of your time on the daily administration?

Contact me and let us discuss your needs!

By profession I am en engineerin technical physics. I am creative, self driven and I get things done, and I am not afraid of learning new things! I have listed a few of my ongoing or past assignments below.

Homepage for Lina Hallebratt

Lina is Jämtlands most adventurous woman. Her homepage needed a complete renewal and modernisation. 

Agilkon AB

During the start-up phase the company needed a new and professional homepage and pictures.

Monz Naturidéer AB

In preparation of the start up pf the company in Sweden I translated the homepage from German to Swedish.

Jänsmässholmens fjällhotell

The hotel needed a completely new website with pictures to show the beauty of both the hotel itself and the surroundings as well as the possibilities for activities all year round.

Administrator at Adventure Medicine

As an administrator I am taking care of the contact with clients, I am organizing the logistics for the courses and keep the website and social media up to date. I am also solving day-to-day problems of various kinds.