Administrative services

Let me take care of what you think is boring!

The problem solver
The hiker

The idea

You are working with your dream project and you love developing your idea and your company. And then there are the basic things that need to be done, but you don't really find the time to do it...

Let me help you to give you more time and peace to do what you are passionate about!

What you (probably) need

What would your days look like if you would know that the basic things are already taken care of?

You only need to give attention to a percentage of your emails.

Your followers and customs are kept up to date on social media, homepage and newsletter.

Your to-do-list contains only of what develops your company.

You are not working alone anymore.

(I am guessing here, let me know what help you really need!)

My offer to you

I am offering my time, my commitment and my passion to free your time to develop your company!

A long term cooperation, for both you and me to grow

Starting with a few hours/week, with the possibility to extend if needed

Flexible working hours

Mutual agreement, we both feel it is a meaningful deal


Fluent Swedish, English and German. And good enough Italian.

My curriculum vitae

My name is Anna Gustafsson, and I currently live in the northern part of Jämtland in a village with 25 inhabitants where the road starts. 

Having living a very international life around Europe (I grew up in Germany and have worked and lived in Switzerland and Italy) and a few years in Stockholm, I decided to go on an adventure, where the physical goal was clear (hiking 1350km from Grövelsjön to Treriksröset), but the real goal was open. 

After 67 days alone in the Swedish mountains, sleeping in my tent, drinking fresh water from the streams, watching the endless landscapes and waking up with the sun I realized that I want a lifestyle which is closer to nature and where the basics in life are what take up the major part of your time.

Just one month after finishing my hike I quit my job as an Engineer in Stockholm and became my own boss. Now I have lived here for a bit over a year and I have worked at the hotel in the village, as a tourist guide, constructing hiking paths, as a photographer and since January I am also the administrator of a small Stockholm based company. 

Being an administrator, aka ‘all-rounder’, fits my personality and experience!

  • my German sense of structure kicks in to get email accounts and documents in shape
  • my social side loves the communication with customers and through social media
  • my intellectual side gets to learn a lot of new things about fields I have not been involved in previously
  • the engineer in me focuses on problem solving on all levels
  • I have worked as a consultant for 6 years of my engineering career

To live a sustainable life where nature and seasons is predominant and the city is hours away calls for a different way of working. I am aiming to have a few long term cooperation ‘digital nomad style’, and the flexibility to work outdoors and physically when I get the chance to! 

​Born 6 August 1982 in Gothenburg

Lives in Jänsmässholmen, Jämtland

Family Sambo Claes and our dog Sputnik

University degree Dipl. Ing Physical engineering Germany

Working Proficiency Swedish, German, English

Social proficiency Italian

2008-2010 Technical & doctoral student, CERN, Geneva

20011-2016 Consultant, Safety in Nuclear Power Plants, ÅF, Sweden

2016-2017 Reliability Manager, Envirotainer, Stockholm

More details on LinkedIn.

Åsa, Sweden
Zwingenberg, Germany​
Geneva, Switzerland
Rome, Italy
Gothenburg, Sweden
Stockholm, Sweden
Jänsmässholmen, Jämtland

Backcountry skiing & hiking
Sitting by a fire
Sleeping under the stars

Learning new things
Having coffee with neighbours