“How did you prepare yourself for the hike?”

It is a reasonable question, and while most people expect a long answer containing numbers and sweat, the answer is a very different one:

I didn’t really prepare myself before the hike. I actually didn’t have time for my usual exercises, to be honest…

Allow yourself to rest as much as you need.

Huh? Well, yes… That is not entirely true. A few months before I left, I bought new hiking boots and packed my backpack with 20 kg of dummy load (I still have some tetra packs with chickpeas and tomatoes left!) and took it for a walk occasionally, to prepare my hips for the pressure of the hip belt and to walk in the boots and my feet. I also went running a few times a week. Well, I tried to, but I think with all other preparations (mostly food, there will be another post about that…), I din’t think I went more than once a week…

My plan was to simply start slowly, to listen to my body and to get stronger with time. So what level of fitness do you actually need? If you can hike for a week in the terrain that you plan to spend months in, and after that week you are happy, pain free and not over-the-top tired, you can also do a long distance hike. You rest a day, you resupply food, and off you go!

I am convinced, that with enough time, patience and willingness to listen to your body, you can go far. Really far. The only problem is that you might not want to stop walking again…

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    1. Ja precis! Man kan väldigt mycket bara man får göra det på sitt sätt och i sin takt! Och det är det finaste med Gröna Bandet, det är verkligen inte en tävling (även om det finns ett rekord på strax under 22 dygn…)!

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