When emotions become physical

The whole day today I have been longing for the mountains. The birch forests, the endless volume of air around you, the snowy mountains that mark the horizon. The yellow-orange-red-brown colours. The wind, the rain and the sun. It was literally painful to see my fellow green ribbon hikers’ pictures.

Yes, I could grab a car and drive north. But there is something more to it. I am missing the feeling of just being.

Back in Stockholm, I am doing things. And while I was undoubtedly doing things during the hike too (walking, pitching the tent, washing clothes, write diary, cooking, meeting people…), it felt a lot like being. Maybe because it was all serving only one purpose: to live on trail.

Before sunrise, when the world is still asleep and a thin layer of ice coveres the pond.

Back in Stockholm, everything feels like doing something; reading a book, resting, going for a walk or run, writing this blog; having dinner with friends. It is all doing something. The purpose is not only to live, that living part is a baseline, something that is taking for granted.

Sunrise over Helags. October 2015.

This weekend I will be out in the forests of Sörmland with my tent together with Per, who also hiked the green ribbon. And while I am looking forward to that, I also hope that I will feel that feeling of being, once we are surrounded by nature.

View from Gaarenesåajja/Krustjärnstöten.

The pictures are from my only autumn hike in Sweden so far, it is almost exactly two years ago now; a short weekend hike Kläppen – Helags – Ljungan – Preanne/Ljungris ca 35km in two days, and breathtaking beautiful.

Map from Lantmäteriet.

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  1. …det blir en tälttur till Tyresta här…troligen med hunden…fin text !! Förstår din längtan ut… Igen, oerhörda bilder…ha en fin tur !!

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