When you feel like the only person in this world…

Parts of my thru hike was in areas, where the summer trails are unknown, and to be honest, they are not really summer trails at all. In winter, there is activity with scooter and backcountry ski tourism, but in summer, it is more or less only hikers that do the green ribbon that walk these trails. Later during summer, the sami people are in their summer villages, but I was too early for that.

It was in this area, that I came to reflect about loneliness… I was definitely alone, I hadn’t seen anyone in the last days and standing on top of a mountain, I saw no sign of human activity. The weather was harsh with cold NW wind and rain showers rolling in and out over the barren landscape.

I was more alone than I had ever been before, but I did not feel lonesome. I was completely content with just being there, free to move or to stay, free to be. And that feeling was a fantastic combination of happiness and strength.

Meeting the midnight sun, Finnmark, Norway

Also, through social media, and especially Instagram, it was easy to connect to other thru hikers during the hike, to get tips, energy and, what was very valuable for me, just to know that a few days earlier, someone had walked here, and there was someone walking the same path a few days later.

But there where of course moments when I wished for someone to be with there me, someone to share that special moment and the experience with or just someone to lean against when it became tough, to find comfort, to laugh with, to share the meal or just the daily chores on trail.

Saxifraga oppositifolia (purpurbräcka) at North Cape, Finnmark, Norway

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