Hem Vandring: Gröna bandet 2017 Gröna Bandet - etapper

Gröna Bandet – etapper

Section 6│Klimpfjäll – Hemavan 134 km

Well rested after a sunny day in Klimpfjäll I started what felt like the last ”wild” week – it is not walking Kungsleden, the high-way trail of the Swedish mountains. I had two options, one leading closer to the Norwegian border, the other was slightly shorter, more road but less scenic. A part of me was eager to get to Hemavan, which marks the half-way point of the hike, so I chose the latter option. But I definitely want to walk that other paths sometime, it must be beautifully wild! But as every time I had to chose one out of many options, I told myself, that the mountains will not go anywhere, and I can walk explore that area some other year.

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Section 4 │ Rötviken – Tjeedtege/Gäddede 87km

Finally my journey continued northwards again. It had been mentally tough to walk east during so many days, I was fighting with the feeling, that I don’t get anywhere, a feeling of endlessness. I also realized that I had overestimated this sections length and I had supply for 7 days and 120km… A miscalculation in the right direction at least, so I sent a package home from Rötviken. A plan had been to walk over the fjell along the border, but taken how much it had been raining the last days – and the forecasted rain, it felt wiser to walk via Vinklumpen and Lobbersjön and follow the Sami’s tracks over the mountain.

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Day 21-22│ July 8-9│Where the road ends, magic happens

As described in the previous post, I was invited to stay for reindeer marking in Jovnevaerie when I arrived at Jänsmässholmen. I felt like a child at Christmas. No, even happier. I actually couldn’t really believe it, I mean how lucky can one be to just walk right into a village at the end of the road and all of a sudden get a dream fulfilled? I felt so blessed and if I ever had had a doubt on why I even got the idea to do this hike (I might have had some doubts when knee deep in a swamp surrounded by mosquitoes the day before… 😉 ), I was so happy to be exactly there and then and nowhere else.

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Section 3 │ Kallsedet – Rötviken 100km

I had completed the second section, but the feeling was strange. I was struggling with pain in my feet and consequently also the doubt if I can finish the hike. The big map of Sweden at Kallsedet was both encouraging (I had actually walked a substantial distance already!) and challenging (that concrete block was waaaaaayyyy up and I had to stretch to reach it…). But it turned out to become the most wonderful, heart warming and memorable time!

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Section 2 │ Storlien – Kallsedet 110 km

Setting off for section two was a strange feeling. It really felt like if that was the point where the hike started. The first part was just a regular hike in the mountains, but now I continued into unknown grounds, starting the thru hike, entering a world I had longed to explore. Longing for the days on trail to become my daily life.

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Section 1 │ Grövelsjön/Guevteljaevrie – Storlien 179 km (II)

Day 6 │ June 23 │ Kroktjärn – Klinken – towards Fältjägarstugan 21 km

I woke up early to a sunny morning, but weather forecast had promised a lot of rain later that day. Makes a lot of sense, as it was midsummer day, and midsummer has a tradition of being a rainy day in Sweden! 😉

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