Vandring: Gröna bandet 2017

Alla inlägg med anknytning till Gröna Bandet

Section 1 │ Grövelsjön/Guevteljaevrie – Storlien 179 km (I)

While this section was the longest section during the hike, regarding both time and distance, it is also the section with most impressions. Maybe because it was the very start of the hike, but also because I walked through various landscapes and probably mostly because the weather was extremely changeable and went from sunny and calm to strong winds and hail – and back again in the course of a few hours and sometimes minutes. But I’ll try to start from the very beginning…

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Gröna bandet – short summary

A few years ago, the so called Green Ribbon (Swedish: Fjällfararnas Gröna Band) hike was created, which essentially means hiking the whole Swedish mountain range. 54 people have finished it since 2011 and we were ~30 starters this year. The winter equivalent is called white ribbon (Swedish: Fjällfararnas Vita Band), but that is a whole different story…

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