My gear on Gröna Bandet

I regularly get questions about my gear. Now, I am personally not to thrilled about having long discussions about the gear, as hiking for me is something completely different – and I am also not weight sensitive.

With that said, after spending a few days in the company of a much more leightweight hiker, I have learnt a few things about gear that is lighter, but still offers the  safety and comfort I want for my hikes. When I upgrade my gear, I will certainly write a little about that under the same category, I’ll keep you posted on this topic.

Back to the gear I actually took with me: My packpack was something around 16-17 kg plus food, which is around 0,8 – 1 kg/day. When I started my hike, the backpack was 24kg and contained food for 11 days.

I posted all my gear on instagram under the hashtag #annasgbgear.

The big stuff
No comments here, the gear is still up and running!

I slept well and nothing broke.

Outer layers
I love my Ortovox/Swisswool jacket, as it is filled with down and also rain/wind-resistant it is not sensitive to rain/moisture, perfect for summer hikes!

Inner layers
Here I actually made some adjustments: I got rid of the cotton socks as my feet did not react to the wool during the first month. And I exchanged the woolen socks for three pairs of Ulvang Super when I was at Lundhags in Järpen.

Staying warm
The black merino buff also served as cover against the light at night. I didn’t use the merino hat at all (the only piece of (not safety/repair related) gear I didn’t use. The gloves worked fine, but I think I will try to find a water/windproof outer layer to combine with merino liner for future hikes.

The wind protection will not last too many hiking trips and needs to be exchanged, and as I didn’t feel like handling a wet sponge, I always cleaned my pots with my hand and/or grass etc, so I will skip that too…

I will definitely take less sunscreen and insect repellant with me on the next trips: when you need to use these, it is warm, you sweat and the only effect (for me) was that I felt sticky and got irritated. I prefer to dress against sun and mosquitoes and only use creams occasionally.
I will also skip the liquid soap, I washed both clothes and pots with only water on trail… And to be honest, I lost the body soap on day 9 in the shower room at Sylarna and washed myself with water after that. Nobody complained or ran away 😉

First aid kit
At Helags fjällstation a hiking nurse checked my kit and approved it. I will skip compeed on future hikes though. For me it doesn’t work in hiking boots with sweaty/wet feet, I prefer plasters and sports tape. And instead of plasters i will try to buy that soft part of the plaster and fix it with sports tape for future hikes. Much more flexible.
Sports tape for that matter: My feet were generally happy (and problems were best solved with some extra rest), so most of the tape was given to other hikers or used to clean the tent… But I’d never leave the house without it!

Repair kit
The only thing I used was thread and needle… but you never know!

Electronic appliances (excl camera)
First thing I forgot was the USB charger at Grövelsjön before even starting the hike! My dear friend sent me another one to Kallsedet… The solar panel worked well and kept me charged when needed – but this summer wasn’t exactly sunny, and I would probably invest those 255g in a stronger powerbank instead for future trips in Sweden.

Even though I tried my best to drown my camera, it is still happily working! 😉 Apart from that I took far less pictures than expected, and 2 batteries would have been perfectly enough. I also didn’t use the tripod as often as planned, mostly because I am too lazy. A pity, it would have been nice to have more situational pictures of myself to show you.

Other stuff
Yep. Worked, didn’t miss anything, will investigate mosquito net to see if there in any that keeps ”svedan” out also.

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